Want privacy from the NSA? Maybe there is a way.

In my daily headline reading today I came across this little gem. If there is a way to get encrypted text messages and preserve our privacy on Android, I’m sure users will be all over that.

CyanogenMod wants to roll out a encrypted text-message feature for Android phones to ensure that no one’s peeking at conversations.
Sometimes, it feels like the only way to have a private conversation these days is to plan for a clandestine meeting out in the desert.
If only our phones came with built-in text-messaging encryption to help ease our fears.
That’s the idea behind CyanogenMod’s encrypted text-messaging feature. The developers behind the custom version of Android announced today that a future version of its custom operating system will enable always-on, end-to-end text message encryption between users, essentially keeping the conversation strictly between you and the receiver.
To make this feature a possibility, Cyanogen partnered with Open Whisper Systems, the team behind open source apps like TextSecure, which secures texts and phone calls.  “We want everyone to have access to advanced secure communication methods that are as easy and reliable to use as making a normal phone call or sending a normal text message,” Moxie

Privacy should be a big concern for all users of technology. If you sacrifice your security or privacy you are ripe for hackers to target you. Please go read the rest of the story here. And if you are interested in a privacy and security screen for your small business, get on over to the contact form and let us help you!

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