Up in the Clouds: How Cloud-Based Computing Can Save Your Business Money

Cloud-based computing offers businesses the opportunity to access their records any time, anywhere. That’s not the only benefit of these systems, though. Here’s a brief look at why you should consider cloud computing for your business as a money saver. 

One reason is fairly obvious. If you are storing data on someone else’s servers, then you aren’t having to purchase or maintain equipment on your own premises. Not only do you save on those costs, but you also have less property that needs to be inventoried and insured. You also aren’t paying for maintenance plans or other hidden costs that are associated with owning your own servers. 

Another cost to consider is how much a staff person to take care of the server would be or the cost of having someone come out to maintain and fix the system. If a cloud server goes down, they have backups to provide coverage while they perform the maintenance on their end. 

There’s another hidden cost to consider- if your server goes down, your employees can’t work. Productivity loss is a major concern for all businesses. Having a cloud server means more uptime and less time spent waiting for the tech team to show up to do repairs. 

Is cloud-based computing the right solution for your business?  It might be. Give us a call to go through the pluses and minuses of making the move today.

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