Spora Ransomware: Service with a Smile

Well, nothing sets you apart like good customer service. An up and comer in ransomware infections, Spora, has decided creating a positive experience for itself in the “hold your files hostage” business just makes good business sense. First noticed in January of this year, it was touted widely for its encryption technique, work offline mode, and a nice payment gateway. Now you can add good PR and customer service to the list as well!

Spora Ransomware Sets Itself Apart with Top-Notch PR, Customer Support

The Spora ransomware is slowly making a name for itself as one of the most well-run ransomware operations on the market, with a very well-designed ransom payment portal, some solid customer support, and also efforts to improve the ransomware’s reputation among victims.

Discovered at the start of the year, Spora distinguishes itself from similar threats by a few features, such as the option to work offline, and a ransom payment portal that uses “credits” to manage Bitcoin fees.

Another of those unique features is a real-time chat window where victims can get in contact with ransomware operators.

Same ransomware threat, new ransomware game

Thus far this infection is spreading through emails, a common theme in ransomware. It delivers impersonating an invoice, using a double extension, such as pdf.hta. Many users would not see the additional extension in the title of their email program, therefore they might miss this immediate clue. Let me insert the pertinent warning here: be very careful with attachments. We all use them and it’s a daunting task to be vigilant. The number one give away -if you don’t do business with a company or person, don’t open the attachement, no matter what it says.

This hack originally targeted users in Russia, but it is quickly spreading beyond their borders. Spora developers seem to be honing their PR by spreading the word far and wide: if you pay you will get your files back. I guess as far as criminal enterprises go, this one sets itself apart with good customer service and getting their victims to spread the word.


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