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Have you spent hours on the phone with support? Have you run back and forth to a store with your small business server or workstation? If you know the pain of trying to fit your specialized hardware or software into an off the shelf computer. You know you need a change. Often, you have to spend more money once you get it to the office. You need it right, right now. Don’t accept disappointment. Customized small business servers and workstations cost less in the long run and often the same, or nearly so, right from the start.

Custom small business servers and workstations, right the first time.

Small Business Office Solutions will always recommend the right hardware.  Once we assess your current situation, we can configure a new server or workstation built for your needs. Plus, we bring it to you and get that machine up and running.

All our custom small business servers and workstations come with a one year, on-site, parts and labor warranty. Stop messing around with machines that don’t work for you. Try a small business server or workstation customized to do the work!

Small business Servers and Workstations
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