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Small Business Security Consulting

Small Business Security Consulting

Security is a complex, yet important aspect of any office. Rules, regulations, hackers-these are important reasons to have us evaluate your small business security. But these just scratch the surface. Most small businesses think they are not at risk from security threats, but today that is no longer the case. If your computers are connected to the internet, your data is at risk. Even if you think your data is not valuable to someone other than you, if you have a use for it, so does a hacker.

Small business security comes in many forms. You might just need an assessment and a few tweaks to your current set-up. Your small business might need a firewall, specific lock-down of files and folders and a major overhaul of your security programs. Security isn’t just about anti-virus anymore. No matter what type of small business security you need, we will get it done on time and on budget.

As your advisor, we take the security of your business very seriously. Call us today and let us evaluate your security configuration.

Small Business Office Solutions is pleased to offer Watchguard Security appliances as part of our recommended small business security installation.