Network Service

You need a network you can rely on. You need advice selecting or switching providers. You need to know if you should add wireless to your current network or if your business network can support remote access.

We evaluate what you have, what you want, and where the problems are . We always recommend the right hardware and the best technology within your budget.

Business network advantage

In today’s globally competitive marketplace, your business must compete globally in customer reach and communication. A reliable network is one advantage you need. No matter if you have 1 workstation connected to the Internet or 300,000 workstations connected internationally, your network is the backbone of everything you do. Our network evaluation and ongoing support will keep your backbone healthy and secure.

Hardwired Network

Workers who don’t need mobility in the office may not need wireless access. Proper installation and maintenance is the key to reliability and speed. Cabling, switches, IP addressing schemes-all the terms that make your head spin are our bread and butter. Small Business Office Solutions recommends the best hardware to fit your situation.

Wireless Network

Wireless networking is the de facto standard in offices these days. The convenience of taking your laptop or tablet into the conference room can’t be ignored. Gone are the days of slow, unreliable, or insecure wireless. Utilizing more advanced wireless gateways and access points, along with strong encryption, wireless is a great choice. Wireless, used alone or in harmony with your existing LAN, will instantly expand your network.

Specializing in Networks for Doctors Offices & Remote Workers.

Doctors offices and offices with remote workers have special needs. You must ensure your data is properly secured and, in the case of remote access, properly available. Let us configure your connections with safety and security in mind.

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