Microsoft Pushing More Ads to Windows 10, against your will.

Living on the Edge

Perhaps the most prevalent bouts of advertising, though, have been seen with the cajoling to use Microsoft’s Edge browser via pop-ups and the like. Not only are these tactics intrusive, but they seem a little desperate, which is hardly the image the company wants to be promoting.

At any rate, just like you can turn off ads on the lock screen, you can disable the OneDrive promotional blurb in File Explorer. As ExtremeTech explains, when in File Explorer, you just need to head to the top menu and click on View > Options, then turn off ‘Show sync provider notifications’.

The bad news is that this disables all such notifications, but then if you don’t use Microsoft’s cloud storage locker, that’s hardly going to bother you.

There are plenty of little disclosed, yet often discussed issues with Microsoft 10 since it’s release. I don’t like them forcing Windows updates without allowing for testing time and I don’t like the vague privacy protections (or not, who really knows) within Windows 10. But I will tell you, pushing the Edge browser and these advertisements do literally nothing to promote any goodwill with your customers. I’ve had to disable more “features” with this OS than I care to count.

There will never be a time I want using my computer to feel exactly like browsing the web.
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