Apple Memos Discovered in Thrift Store

What a fun look into the origins of Apple. Though I am not personally an Apple Products user, it’s pretty cool

While there is plenty of talk in these memos about things long conquered, there is plenty to savor and plenty we still strive to conquer to this day.

Peeking inside a book bin at a Seattle Goodwill, Redditor vadermeer caught an interesting, unexpected glimpse into the early days of Apple: a cache of internal memos, progress reports, and legal pad scribbles from 1979 and 1980, just three years into the monolith’s company history.

I love this quote:

Note that the ideal, level 1, is achievable only through disallowing any access of any kind to the software and the computer. Not very practical in our circumstances.

Trust me, when you spend all day fixing problems that could have been avoided, it is a tempting reply. No doubt I have suggested this as a fix once or twice in my time.

Head on over to the article and take a look at the notes posted there. They are a fun read for a Friday. The article links to all the original items posted as well.

Michelle Moore

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